Welcome to Bellamoree's Nursery!

Welcome to our home, where we share our lives with all of our animals. Bellamoree Exotics is located in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is an extension of our personal home. From day one, we made a commitment to never cage our cats unless there was a medical reason for it. This was a major factor to consider when we first purchased our home. We needed a house that not only allowed for our cats and kittens to roam the house, but also a home where they could have their own personal living space. Luckily, we were able to find a home who was both human, dog and cat friendly!  

All of our animals are raised indoors and never allowed to go outside. The nursery consists of two stud rooms, two kitten play areas and one large living room for the queens. This is a climate controlled area that allows for both heat during cold winters and A/C during summer. Floors are made of of concrete/epoxy coating and all of the walls have a 3 foot cement brick from the floor up that that is also covered in epoxy for easy cleaning. There are windows for everyone to enjoy bird, squirrel and deer watching, while also allowing for natural light. The safety and health of all of our animals is of greatest importance and the nursery as well as all sections of our home are kept under live & recorded video surveillance 24/7.  


About 2 weeks before queens are due to give birth, they are moved and isolated into my own personal bedroom. This is where they will give birth and be kept until their kittens open their eyes (usually about 14-21 days). This allows me to assist with the birth, feeding and closely monitor kittens weight gain and development. Having both mom and kittens close by also allows for early socialization and safety from other adult cats.

Itty Bitty Day Care

During this period, both moms and babies are moved to the  "Itty Bitty Day Care". This is where kittens will learn to play, eat solid foods and use their litter box. This daycare consists of two rooms that are large enough for kittens to run and play but small enough to keep them contained and allow them to learn to use the litter box. These rooms have small cat trees & toys for stimulation. They have 4 foot barn doors and wooden planks on top so momma cats do not move kittens out of the rooms. These rooms are still under construction and will eventually be upgraded to have windows instead of wooden planks. More pictures coming soon!

Queens Paradise

When our girls are not roaming our house, they are spending time in their own private paradise. This section of the cattery was created specifically for our girls. There are plenty of cat towers, shelfs, beds and toys for a life of luxury. The girls have access to a large window for sunbathing and bird watching! 

The Man Caves

Because we are a small cattery, we only have 1 or 2 breeding males at a time. Each male has his own private room with cat towers, toys and a window. Males are able to roam the house individually or with our retired adults a couple times a day. They each share their living space with our spayed Sphynx "Gremmy" and old girl "Chanel". More pictures coming soon!