Before Your New Kitten Arrives

Being prepared for your kittens arrival will allow for a smooth transition for both you and the kitten. Here is a list of supplies that you will need prior to your kittens arrival: 

  • Litter and litter box - Bellamoree kittens are raised on litter pellets. We recommend that you use the same kind of litter for a few weeks until they are settled in to their new home. If you plan on using different litter then what they are used to, please do so SLOWLY to avoid bad bathroom habits. Gradually mix a small amount of the new litter in with the current brand every day for several days. This change should occur over five to seven days.  
  • Food - Kittens are raised on a balanced Raw diet and have kibble available throughout the day. Here at Bellamoree, we make our own raw diet to ensure that both kittens and adults receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Our raw blend includes chicken, beef, rabbit and pork as well as various amounts of vitamins. If you decide to continue this diet, we will provide you with the recipe and guide you on the steps to make it. Note, that you may also buy pre-made raw food from various different companies. If you and your family decide that a raw diet is not for you, please continue to feed the same kibble they are used to for a few weeks. This will prevent diarrhea, vomiting and illness. You may SLOWLY change to a different brand of kibble in a few weeks. 
  • Toys toys & more toys! Balls, mice, feather stick, catnip, cat tree, cat beds and much more. Kittens are extremely playful and mischievous, so they will need many different methods of enrichment. Cat trees and toys will keep them busy and prevent bad behaviors such as scratching furniture. Having toys for kittens will also help create a bond with their new family! 
  • Cat carriers - this essential for when picking up your new kitten and trips to the vet. 

Bringing Your Kitten Home

The time has finally come to pick up your new furry friend and make them a part of the family!

So here are a few tips on preventing stress and safety. 

We suggest you set up his/her food, fresh water, and clean litter box in a small room isolated from other pets. This will give your new kitten adequate time to settle in to their new home Do not let your new kitten roam the whole house unsupervised as this can cause a safety risk. Kittens are small and may fit in places such as under the couch, washer/drier and small holes. Do not allow your kitten to play with 
strings, rope, floss, yarn and other small objects - if swallowed they can end up as an obstruction in the intestines and will likely lead you to the emergency vet and surgery. Be careful with appliances such as refrigerators, washing/drying machines, sofa recliners ect. ALWAYS check before you use and/or close the door.

 After your kitten has become comfortable around you and your family, we recommend slowly introducing him/her to the household pets and other rooms (this time frame varies depending on individual cat/kitten). When introducing a new kitten to a resident cat or dog, do so SLOWLY. Start by letting them both get used to each others scent. It may take a few weeks for the resident cat or dog to become used to the new kitten. Never leave both animals unsupervised until you are certain your kitten is safe and comfortable.

Daily Care

By this time, you should have hopefully researched what it takes to care for this unique breed. Similar to Persians, Exotics require special grooming. 

  • Daily eye care - due to their large eye and short noses, Exotics need daily eye wiping. Eyes and face must be cleaned twice daily with a warm wet washcloth or cotton ball. Be sure to dry their face after their wash. This will prevent staining and skin infections. 
  • Brushing - this breed sheds and may even mat, so daily combing is required. If you have never owned or seen an Exotic in person then you do not know that they have a very thick and plush coat. They are not like your average short haired cat. We recommend brushing with a greyhound comb to remove dead hair. DO NOT USE a fulminator!!!!! This type of brush has small blades that pulls and cuts their beautiful coat, causing extreme damage to their hair. 
  • Bathing - monthly bathing will help keep shedding under control and help your kitten looking clean. Exotics may get greasy and require monthly bathing to keep their coat shiny and healthy. 
  • DO NOT EVER use over the counter flea medication, shampoo, sprays or collars. These are toxic to cats, especially purebreds. There are many reports of toxicity and even death associated with these products. If you must, you can use regular dawn dish soap to kill the adult live fleas. Call and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian!