What is the process of reserving a cat/kitten? 

  • We need a completed & approved application
  • A signed contract
  • A faceTime (or any video chat) appointment for you to pick out the kitten live
  • $500 non-refundable deposit 

How do I apply to reserve a kitten? 

  • You may visit our website and click the tab that states "Contact & Application". Please be sure to fill out the application completely and check your spam folder for a reply from us. When inquiring about one of our kittens please introduce yourself and the kind of home you will provide for our kittens. Please include the color and sex you are interested in and if you're looking for a retired adult or a kitten. We strive to find the best possible homes for all of our kittens and reserve the right to refuse sale to any home who may seem unfit at any time. 

Why do you require a FaceTime (live video) appointment to reserve a kitten?

  • Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. Scheduling a live video appointment is done for the safety of our kittens and potential buyers. This will allow us to meet you and your family, thus allowing us to ensure that you will be a good fit for one of our kittens. Seeing the kitten(s) live will also allow for the buyer to meet us, our kittens and the kittens parents. It will ensure you that the kitten you are picking out is real as well as allow you to see the environment that kittens are in. This will prevent any possible scams such as purchasing a kitten that may not exist or purchasing a kitten that may be sick. 

How does the deposit work? 

  • The $500 non-refundable deposit allows us to hold your kitten until he/she is ready to go home. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs and you are no longer able to take the kitten, the deposit will be applied to a future litter within 6 months. The deposit can also be transferred over to a different available kitten if you prefer a different color or sex within 6 months. Please note that placing kittens in the right homes is very important to us and does take a lot of time, under no circumstance are deposits refundable due to a buyers personal reasons. Money will NOT be accepted prior to receiving a signed contract by both parties and a live video appointment.

What should I do to be notified of future litters? 

  • We're social! Follow/like our facebook & instagram page! 
  • Facebook and Instagram are typically updated more frequently and all announcements will appear on social media first. 

What is your price range for kittens? 

  • Well bred kittens in the United States may range form $1200 - $3000. This depends on many factors including pedigree, quality, color, pet only or if breeding rights are included. 
  • Type and quality of food given
  • Vet care provided: may include vaccines, deworming, health certificate, spay/neutering and microchip
  • Our kittens will come with everything they need to get their new parents started. They will leave with their CFA registration, age appropriate vaccines/dewormer, North Carolina health certificate and DNA testing. They will also come with a kitten bag full of goodies and toys.  

"I found a cheaper kitten" 

  • There are plenty of cheaper and more expensive kittens out there!
  • Buyer Beware: When you are searching for your new family member please remember "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is". Cheap kittens do not always equal cheaper outcomes. Just because you have found a cheaper kitten does not mean you have found a good deal. You could end up with a large vet bill, a sick or dead kitten and in some cases, you may not even get said kitten. Please do your homework. Ask for proof of vaccinations, registration papers & DNA/genetic disease testing, pictures/videos of parents and LIVE videos of the kitten and its environment. DO NOT get scammed for a "cheap" kitten. 
  • NOTE: There are MANY fraudulent websites who are stealing our pictures and "selling" kittens who either do not exist or are not the same kittens.
  • When choosing a breeder, you are not only picking a new family member.. you are also choosing a mentor, supporter and possibly new friend! Choose wisely! 

Once we reserve a kitten, will we receive updates? 

  • Yes! Here at Bellamoree Exotics we LOVE to take pictures. We strive to send all of our new parents updated pictures and/or videos of their babies on a weekly basis.

Can we visit our kitten before they are ready to go home? 

  • We allow ONE home visit AFTER kittens have received their vaccinations. We ask that you do not visit if you or any of your pets are sick. We will ask that all persons wash their hands prior to handling kittens to prevent infections and diseases. We ask that only immediate family members visit, max of 2 adults (please do not bring uncle, grandma, cousin and friends). 

When are kittens ready to go home? 

  • Kittens will go home between 10-12 weeks depending on when our vet clears them! Please understand that each kitten is an individual and may not mature at the same rate as its siblings. Each kitten must be completely weaned, litter box trained, have an established immune system, have age appropriate vaccinations/de-wormings and be emotionally ready to leave its mom. Our vet will help us asses when they are ready. Under NO circumstances will a kitten leave prior to 10 weeks.

If I cannot pick up my kitten, can we have it delivered? 

  • Don't live in North Carolina? No problem! We deliver our cats/kittens with a pet nanny. He/she will fly your kitten in cabin to your nearest airport within the USA. Delivery will be arranged and paid directly to the pet nanny and is roughly $400-500. 
  • You are also welcome to fly into RDU airport and pick up your kitten. It is roughly $120 to bring the kitten with you in cabin depending on the airline. 
  • Depending on where you live, we may be able to deliver the kitten to you for an extra fee.
  • At this time we do not ship internationally 

I am allergic to cats, are Exotic Shorthairs hypoallergenic? 

  • No. This breed is not considered a hypoallergenic and we cannot guarantee that you will not develop allergies over time. We do not offer any trial period either, so make sure you make the right decision for you and your kitten before adopting. We suggest that you foster a cat to kitten from your local animal shelter prior to committing to a life long pet. While unforeseen circumstances may arise, please note that animals are a 12+ year commitment.

Do Exotic Shorthairs shed? 

  • Yes, these cats do shed. We recommend daily brushing and monthly baths to keep the shedding under control. They do not mat like Persians but they still require daily grooming. If you or your family suffer from allergies, this breed is not for you. Although their breed name is "shorthair", they have a much thicker and longer coat than that of your average house cat and will blow out their coats a few times a year. 

How big do Exotic Shorthairs get? 

  • Each cat is an individual but on average males are between 8-12 pounds while females are 6-10 pounds. Exotics should be low to the ground, with a thick round body, large head and thick short tail. 

Are Exotic Shorthairs active? 

  • Again, each cat is an individual. In my experience these cats require low to medium activity but are a bit more playful than their cousins, the Persians. 

What makes a better companion, a male or female?

  • They are both great and will vary from kitten to kitten. As long as your kitten is neutered or spayed, there is not much difference between the sexes. Usually, males tend to be more affectionate, and females are more independent, BUT we have seen females to be equally if not more affectionate and loving. 

I heard males spray and females don't. Is this true? 

  • NO NO NO!!! Both males and females can spray! To prevent these behaviors we recommend that kittens are altered prior to reaching sexual maturity, usually between 5-7 months old. 

Do Exotic Shorthairs get along with children and other pets?

  • Yes! This breed is generally very social and get along great with pets and children. They are normally very docile and gentle. They are not like your average house cat and make great family pets.