Exotic Facts

  • Temperament: Quiet, sweet, peaceful, easygoing & affectionate. Great family companions! 
  • Coat: Medium length, soft, plush coat with a dense undercoat 
  • Body: Round head, muscular cobby body
  • Size: medium sized, 7-12 pounds on average
  • Eyes: Large and round. Set far apart giving a sweet expression to the face. Eye color is related to coat color
  • Lifespan: 8-15 years
  • Care: Although exotics do not have long coats, they still shed and require weekly brushing and monthly bathing. Eye tearing does occur so be sure to wipe their face down daily. 



What is declawing? 

  • Did you know that 33% of cats who have been declawed had at least 1 behavioral problem such as increased biting frequency & more than 15% stopped using their litter box?
  • Did you know that declawing your cats does not just remove their nails? It is actually equivalent to amputating your fingers at your knuckles, leaving you with a stub.
  • Did you know that having your cat declawed can lead to health problems such as back pain, arthritis and muscle weakness (just a few of many)?

Please educate yourself prior to making this decision. There are plenty of alternatives to having your cat declawed!

We have also included some research articles for more information.




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