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Price depends on many different factors but on average, this breed ranges from $1300+. This includes a healthy kitten who meets CFA standards, comes with CFA registration, health certificate, DNA testing & vaccines/deworming.
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move, have a birth of a new child, you/your family develops allergies or have a sudden change of daily schedule
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Feeding a cat a "vegetarian" or "vegan" diet will cause death
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Please note that all of our cats/kittens are primarily fed a raw diet and some will NOT eat kibble or wet food. Depending on the specific cat/kitten, you may need to feed raw and slowly change to kibble/wet food
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Scheduling a live video chat appointment with us allows you to see the kitten you are picking as well as the environment they are in. It also allows us to speak with you to be sure that you/your family will be a good fit for our kittens.
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Please include cattery name, website/FB address, how long you have been breeding, do you use cages, do you show & what you are looking for.
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Do you understand that we reserve the right to refuse sale of any cat/kitten at any time without explanation ? *
Please understand that not all applications are approved. The health and safety of our kittens come first, thus we are picky on prospective homes. If a deposit is paid and we decide to no longer sell you a kitten, deposits will be returned immediately and the contract will be void.
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